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Guittard Chocolate Baking Contests, 2017


2017 Chocolate Dessert Baking Contest

Presented by:


Sunday, March 26. 2PM & 4PM
Open to bakers of all ages and backgrounds.
Limited to 20 contestants.

Entries can be any type of chocolate dessert: cake, pie, cookie, mousse…..

First Place: $200
Second Place: $100
Third Place: $50
Best Young Baker: $50
(awarded to top rated baker under the age of 18)

Round 1: 2:00pm. 10 contestants
Round 2: 4:00pm. 10 contestants
We will randomly assign contestants to each round.
All 20 contestants compete against each other.
We are dividing the contest into two rounds to allow our judges to better evaluate each entries.
All participants should plan on arriving no later than 1:30PM. 

All entries must be made using Guittard chocolate.
All contestants will be required to submit their recipe prior to the festival.

Guittard Chocolate may be found at Sprouts, Albertson’s, Buffet’s Candies, and:
NM Bakery and Restaurant Supply
310 San Pedro Dr SE, Albuquerque, NM 87108.
Phone: 505-255-5225

Includes admission ticket to the festival and a commemorative festival coffee mug.


  1. 1. Review the rules and guidelines below. Registration indicates your agreeing to the rules, terms, and guidelines.

  2. 2. Purchase a contest entry ticket on the Ticketing Page here: CLICK HERE

  3. 3. Upon request, prior to the festival, submit your recipe.


  • Entries must have Guittard chocolate as one of the ingredients, as a sauce, chips, in the mix, however you would like to include it.

  • All bakers are required to bring their entries to the festival.

  • Upon arrival, go the WILL CALL table for your pass and then deliver your entry to the kitchen stage area in the back of the main room.

  • You must deliver your entry to the kitchen stage no later than 1:30PM.

  • You may deliver your entry to the kitchen stage anytime on Sunday so you may enjoy the event without carrying your dessert around.

  • All items must be delivered fully baked and completed at your home or business, but final presentation touches, not requiring a kitchen, can be done on site prior to the presentations.

  • There is no onsite baking or refrigeration.

  • We will provide space for final presentation touches.

  • No less than 5 portions must be provided.

  • Please prepare an item that can be portioned into at least 5 small servings.

  • Bakers will be instructed to cut/slice/portion cakes and pies after the judges have viewed the dish in its entirety at 1:30PM.

  • You are responsible for providing cutting/slicing/serve‐ware for the items.

  • We will provide plates and flatware for serving the judges.

  • Contest will be open for public viewing and videotaped.

  • Contestants will present their entries to a team of judges, explaining their creation, ingredients, and process.

  • Winners will be announced at the completion of both baking contests.

  • All entries will judged in the following categories:

    • Taste

    • Presentation

    • Creativity

  • Awards will include First, Second, and Third place and a best Young Baker for the best entry from a baker under 18.

  • Yes, the Best Young Baker can also take home First, Second, or Third place prizes based on judges’ tallies.

  • Public sampling is not allowed as per the Health Department. Please do not provide samples to the public without a permit to do so.

  • Taxes on cash prizes are the responsibility of the winner.

  • Blue River Productions, the Southwest Chocolate and Coffee Fest, and Guittard Chocolate are provided with full publication rights of any and all recipes submitted. Credit to be provided.

  • Blue River Productions and Guittard Chocolate each retain the right to publish, promote and advertise the recipes and all captured media from the competitions, including photographs and video, without compensation.