The Sweetest Show on Earth - March 17-18, 2018 @ Expo NM

Vendor Registration, 2017

All booth spaces have been reserved.
Please use the following form to be informed if space opens up.
If you have a booth space, please scroll down to access the online registration and permit details. 

Over 19,000 attendees come to shop from the very best purveyors of fine chocolates, coffees, teas, and gourmet foods.
Many vendors secure wholesale accounts with local shops, cafes, food trucks, and markets.
We help promote every vendor before, and after, the festival.


Registration is currently open only to food and beverage vendors.

Coffees, teas, chocolates, snacks, candies, gourmet foods, and baked goods.
New Mexico based wine, beer, and spirits: email us before registering to confirm available space for alcohol vendors. Are you a non-food vendor?
Click here to be notified when we open registration to non-food vendors.

Yes, we can accommodate food trucks both indoors, and outside.
Trucks please see restrictions below and contact us prior to registering to discuss space and utility needs.

Questions? Contact Dean Strober, Producer

Click for a Sample of 2016 Vendor Booths

Click for a list of the 2016 Vendors


  1. Read the information below carefully.
  2. Complete the online registration, link below.
  3. Select and pay for your booth space with the online booth reservation system, link below.
  4. Submit requisite paperwork and insurance certificates by the required date(s).


  • Festival Location:
  • Festival Dates/Times:
    • Saturday, March 17, 2018, 10am - 6pm
    • Sunday, March 18, 2018, 10am - 6pm
  • Expected attendance: 18,500.
  • Location: Indoors, Manual Lujan Expo Center at EXPO NM in Albuquerque, NM. (Some outdoor spaces may be available)
  • Load-in: Friday, March 16, 2018. 12pm - 7pm and Saturday, March 17 starting at 7am.
  • Overnight security is provided.
  • Load-out: Sunday, March 18, 2018, 6pm - 10pm
  • All booth equipment and decor must be removed on Sunday following the event.
  • Detailed information on load-in and load-out will be provided in the weeks prior to the festival.


  • We will accept only one vendor of franchised businesses and brands. (i.e. Pampered Chef, Organo Gold, Dove Chocolates, etc).
  • We reserve the right to deny participation, and issue a refund, should a vendor's brand or product not fit the festival.
  • All food and non-alcoholic beverage vendors are required to have a hand-washing station in the booth. See Required Permits and Paperwork section for details.
  • Sampling: All food and non-alcoholic beverage vendors are expected to offer samples to attendees.
    • We encourage cost-effective sampling methods.
    • Do not have too may products available for sampling at any point in time.
    • You do not have to allow attendees to grab-and-go samples - this is not a buffet.
    • Have big, clear signage stating that samples are available.
    • Sampling should be done to encourage conversations with attendees about you and your products.
    • Sampling is proven to be the most effective way to boost sales at events.
  • There is no propane allowed in the building. All vendors must operate off of electricity.
  • There is no frying allowed in the building.
  • All food must be prepared in a licensed facility or on-site.
  • Standard 110v electrical outlets are available to all vendors, at no additional charge.
  • 220v electricity is available in selected locations only. If you require 220v, please contact us before reserving a space.
  • Food trucks are permitted but in limited locations due to building height restrictions.
  • All non-food vendors (crafts, jewelers, etc) must incorporate chocolate and/or coffee into their displays. (i.e. jewelry draped over coffee beans etc.)
  • All vendors, by registering, agree to the terms of the Vendor Agreement: CLICK HERE
  • Due to existing concession stands at Expo New Mexico, vendors are prohibited from selling the following:
    • Bottled water and soda
    • Savory, warm, plated foods (i.e. hamburgers, hot sandwiches, burritos etc)


  • Single Indoor Booth, In-line: $350
  • Single Indoor Booth, Corner: $450
  • **Double booth discount, -$100
  • Alcohol vending surcharge: additional $100
  • Commercial, informational vendor surcharge: $650
  • All Outdoor booths: $250. Does not include pipe and drape.
    • Outdoor vendors must provide their own decor and equipment.
    • Outdoor booths are under a permanent shade structure.
  • If you would like to register 2 booths, please select the two booths and at check-out enter discount code "DBL" to reduce the double booth fee by $100.
  • Access to WiFi and standard 110v electricity is provided at no extra charge.
  • 220v Electric is available for $75.00
  • Dedicated water line : $75.00
  • Food Trucks: fee is determined by size of truck and space required.
  • Payments may be made in installments. 50% due upon registration. 50% due by January 19.
  • Registrations received after Jan 19 require payment in full.
  • Balances are automatically charged to the card used for the deposit, unless otherwise requested. The online booth registration accepts credit cards and e-checks.
  • Vendors who placed deposits at the last festival will be invoiced for the balance due.
  • Cancellation Policy: Cancellations received before February 1 will receive a full refund. No refunds for cancellations received after February 1.


  • PER BOOTH (indoor booths only):
    •     Pipe and Drape Booth. 8 foot curtain in the back, 3 foot side walls.
    •     You may hang banners from the pipe and drapes.
    •     One 6 foot covered table, two chairs, one small trash can per booth.
    •     Additional tables available for rent. You may bring your own.
    •     Standard black and white ID sign with the business name
  • PARKING PASSES: 1 parking passes per booth per day, double booths receive 2 parking passes per day. Passes must be picked up at Load-in on Friday, March 24.
    •     Parking passes are non-transferable.
    •    Additional passes are available for purchase at $3.00 each.
    •    Passes may be ordered at time of registration or prior to the event (an order form will be sent out).
    •    Without a parking pass, the venue charges a $5 daily parking fee.
    • Single booths receive 4 staff badges.
    • Double booths receive 8 badges.
    • Badges ARE transferable. Additional badges are $3 each.
    •     Logo and live link on the festival website.
    •     Mention in press releases.
    •     Emails of attendees who opt in for sharing them.
  • ELECTRICITY : No charge for 120v electrical hook-ups.
    •       Vendors must provide their own 3-prong/grounded extension cords, no less than 50ft, and power surge protectors.
  • WIFI: WiFi is available in the building at no additional cost. Password provided at load-In.
  • ICE: There will be an ice vendor on site each day. Cost is approximately $1.75 per 8lb bag.


  • All vendors are required to staff their booth throughout the event.
  • All food & beverage vendors are required to offer free samples throughout the event,  with reasonable restrictions for cost effective sampling (see note below).
  • All vendors are required to submit payments and paperwork by the dates outlined below
  • SAMPLING:  Nothing sells your food or drink better than an attendee tasting it.
    •       It is recommended to only offer samples of one or two products which can be produced cost effectively.
    •       Do not place samples out for attendees to grab-and-go. It is not a buffet.
    •       Samples may be kept in the back of the booth, out of reach of attendees.
    •       Have clear, visible signage that samples are available. The bigger, the better.
    •       Save samples of costly items for truly interested buyers.
    •       Sample different items at different times of the day, to drive attendees back to you booth.
  • TAXES:
    • It is at each vendor’s discretion whether or not to collect sales tax on festival sales, but it is the sole responsibility of each vendor to file and pay sales tax as required by local, state and national laws.
    • All vendors, regardless of home state, must pay gross receipts taxes to New Mexico for sales made at the festival.
    • We will distribute information to assist you.
    • For information on filing and paying gross receipts taxes in New Mexico, please visit:


Required permits and paperwork will also be e-mailed as an attachment to your confirmation once the online registration form is completed and submitted.

  • Return all documents to Blue River Productions.
    • By Mail: Chocolate & Coffee Fest, 10812 Woodland Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112
    • By Email:
    • By Fax: 866-593-1836


February 1, 2018: Cancellation deadline for a refund.
February 1, 2018: Vendor Registrations Due

February 1, 2018: Health Permit Application due

February 1, 2018: Certificate of Insurance Due

 - Click Here For a Sample Insurance Certificate-

FOOD & NON-ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE VENDORS (or anyone sampling foods or drinks)

The following must be submitted no later than February 15:

  • A food handlers certification card (a new requirement from the State Heath Department).
  • Don't have one? Don't worry.
  • The NM Health Department will accept a card from any issuing agency, in any state.
  • Here is an example of one website offering online tests and cards for under $10:
  • A completed NM Temporary Health Permit for Festivals
  • Submit the form to Blue River Productions, not the NM Health Dept.
  • Any questions, contact us or Health Inspector Hiromi Martinez: (505) 771-5977,
  • Click Here for the Permit Form
  • Read all applicable health guidelines and rules.
  • A Certificate of Insurance:
    • Provide a Certificate of Liability, naming Blue River Productions as an additional insured.
    • Certificates must list the following as an additional insured: Blue River Productions, 10812 Woodland Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112


Must be a New Mexico based manufacturer of wine, beer, or spirits.

  • By February 15, submit the following:
    • Celebration Permit Application: CLICK HERE
    • Servers list. Include only: servers names, alcohol permit numbers, expiration dates.
    • Check for $20 made payable to NM Alcohol and Gaming
    • Certificate of Insurance naming Blue River Productions as an additional insured.
      • Certificates must list the following as an additional insured: Blue River Productions, 10812 Woodland Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112


By February 15, submit a Certificate of Insurance OR Insurance Waiver:

  • Certificates of insurance must list the following as an additional insured: Blue River Productions, 10812 Woodland Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112
  • Non-Food Vendors (arts, crafts, jewelry) who do not traditionally carry insurance may opt to sign an Insurance Waiver Form. Waivers are provided upon request.
  • For a copy of the waiver, email


If Payment, Registration and the Permit Forms are not received by the due dates, your booth reservation may be cancelled without refund.

  • STEP 1: Complete the Official Online Registration. During registration you may submit payment for additional passes and booth utilities, or order them at a later date: ONLINE REGISTRATION
  • STEP 2: Reserve Your Booth Space:
    • Select your booth from the map below. Click "check-out" and enter the payment information as instructed.
    • Please note that we reserve the right to move a vendor's booth when necessary.
    • If registering a double booth, enter discount code DBL for $100 discount.
    • Once payment is accepted, your booth is registered,
    • Balances will be automatically charged to the same card used for the deposit on January 19.
    • Booths reserved after January 19 must be paid in full at the time of registration.
  • STEP 3: Submit applicable permit forms and insurance certificate.
  • STEP 4: Show up. Have fun. Build your business. 

Contact Dean Strober